Service and spare parts

FICO services and a wide selection of spare parts ensure fully-functioning equipment

FI.CO. Oy products are known for being reliable and having a long lifespan. The product’s life cycle is at least 7-10 years, and can be extended up to 25 years by conducting planned maintenance.
Based on our experiences, FICO equipment easily endure the working years of the chassis,since only high quality assembly equipment and spare parts are used.

The typical problems can be avoided by planned maintenance:

  • Corrosion
  • Wearing of the components and gaskets
  • Sudden break-downs
  • Excessive fuel consumption
  • Decreased performance

Why FICO services?

  • Experienced personnel
  • Knowledge of the equipment
  • Technical support
  • Well-planned maintenance
  • Spare part availability

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In need for service or spare parts?

Maintenance and equipment services are essential to sustain a high level of performance and avoid excessive loss of power. Take advantage of gaining professional services by contacting our service personnel.

Tel. +358 40 643 3211

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